The main reason I decided to catch up with my blog once again is
 because I finally got the amazing camera (olympus e-p1) I always 
dreamed of, but unfortunately was rather expensive for me.
But then, magic happened & I got a really great deal for it!

Isn't she a beauty?




Mm, a good book & some ice cold tea.
I'm a happy person.

How are you all?


R.I.P. dear camera.

Main reason why I haven't been posting lately is because my camera broke. 
* pouts *
It's okay though , i'll send it to service whenever I find time & it's probably nothing serious.
Since I've missed photography way too much lately , i started using my *ipod* to take photos.
I didn't expect anything special , I just needed a little photography getaway.
So you understand how surprised I was when I managed to take a pretty photo with it.
It's finally started to rain in Greece-halelujah!
I was in the bus with this lovely weather outside , feeling all cozy & listening to music when I took this.

I quite like it.

Have a beautiful day!


Walk in the park.

A few photos from a walk in the park with my friend a while ago.
Sunny day , with the perfect amount of a cool breeze.
We got some pretty flowers too!
This might be getting boring , but hey guess what!; i love flowers & nature!
hahah , but seriously i just can't get enough of them :)

have a lovely day/night!


Long time,no see!

(...once again.)
Sorry about that , but i spend most of my summer holidays at our beach house , where i have friends , i can enjoy the sea & the beach as much as i want & everything is care-free.
Unfortunately there's no internet here.. (quite glad about that actually , it's like i'm on the most relaxing rehab ever. plus , it'd ruin the special character of this place.)
Anyway i'm currently at a café with my laptop & i thought i owed you an apology.
I'll post now & then , but on Friday i'm leaving for the first of this summer scout camp ( yeah there's actually a second one) & i'll be back on Wednesday or something..It's for little scouts & i got promoted to like their.. 'chief'.
Thank god many of my friends will be there helping me so it's going to be so much fun!Then i'll be with you once again & leave again on the 29th!
Have a wonderful day everyone & i hope your summer to this point has been wonderful!

p.s. oh no don't cry , i know you're gonna miss me (duh.) i mean who wouldn't?
but look , i even posted a photo *just* for you ,to keep you company. don't worry it's gonna keep you distracted!
i'll probably post again before the camp too!
just kidding. but seriously i'll be back soon. way  too soon.

love you!