R.I.P. dear camera.

Main reason why I haven't been posting lately is because my camera broke. 
* pouts *
It's okay though , i'll send it to service whenever I find time & it's probably nothing serious.
Since I've missed photography way too much lately , i started using my *ipod* to take photos.
I didn't expect anything special , I just needed a little photography getaway.
So you understand how surprised I was when I managed to take a pretty photo with it.
It's finally started to rain in Greece-halelujah!
I was in the bus with this lovely weather outside , feeling all cozy & listening to music when I took this.

I quite like it.

Have a beautiful day!


Walk in the park.

A few photos from a walk in the park with my friend a while ago.
Sunny day , with the perfect amount of a cool breeze.
We got some pretty flowers too!
This might be getting boring , but hey guess what!; i love flowers & nature!
hahah , but seriously i just can't get enough of them :)

have a lovely day/night!


Long time,no see!

(...once again.)
Sorry about that , but i spend most of my summer holidays at our beach house , where i have friends , i can enjoy the sea & the beach as much as i want & everything is care-free.
Unfortunately there's no internet here.. (quite glad about that actually , it's like i'm on the most relaxing rehab ever. plus , it'd ruin the special character of this place.)
Anyway i'm currently at a café with my laptop & i thought i owed you an apology.
I'll post now & then , but on Friday i'm leaving for the first of this summer scout camp ( yeah there's actually a second one) & i'll be back on Wednesday or something..It's for little scouts & i got promoted to like their.. 'chief'.
Thank god many of my friends will be there helping me so it's going to be so much fun!Then i'll be with you once again & leave again on the 29th!
Have a wonderful day everyone & i hope your summer to this point has been wonderful!

p.s. oh no don't cry , i know you're gonna miss me (duh.) i mean who wouldn't?
but look , i even posted a photo *just* for you ,to keep you company. don't worry it's gonna keep you distracted!
i'll probably post again before the camp too!
just kidding. but seriously i'll be back soon. way  too soon.

love you!


Stroll through the neighbourhood.

Today I went for a walk around the neighbourhood mainly to get some flowers & groceries , because I invited a few friends for dinner & since I had my camera with me , I captured some sweet parts of the little shop street,while checking my to-do list.
at a toy's shop window. how adorable?
i don't think i've mentioned this before but tulips are my most favourite flower in the world. just buy me a bouquet of them & bam! i'm yours. ;) hahah but seriously i prefer them than any other gift/surprise.
at a decor's shop window. it's just beyond beautiful! i think i'm going to get myself a pair of these cute little birdies. (:
picked some lavender blooms & tulips for the night. they turned out to be quite a hit!
& mmm the smell.. it's love i believe.
i SO walked by this shop & didn't enter. i mean i SO am not the candy/chocolate obsessed girl. okay fine i admit it. i walked in. but i SO didn't buy anything. just walked out with nothing in my hands. yes.. & of course that's a lie. but it's okay because i SO didn't buy many.. just a small bag. okay maybe a big bag. orrrr...2 bags! okay FINE 3 big full bags. i'm a big fat (literally) liar , shoot me now please. i mean it. and perhaaaaps , just perhaps these bags are empty now.
* puppy eyes *
okay it's official. i'm getting some of these birdies for the iron of my bed. it's already stuffed but oh well , there's always room for more.
my favourite tulip color by the way is yellow & lilac. they're just stunning. the little flower shop had any color you can imagine , needless to say i was drooling over them for quite a while.
& these little flowers by the road were worth my attention, since they were all covered with teardrops from the sudden rain in the morning & looked so precious!

That was it! I hope you enjoyed the photos & that you have a wonderful & full of memories day, just like I did!

Beautiful sunset.

& once again here's a beautiful breathtaking sunset..

'Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun. '
by Pablo Picasso



Music washes away the dust of everyday life  
& it truly is what feelings & life sound like. 


Be unique. Be yourself.

'To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else, is the greatest accomplishment.

[ this is me last summer. ]


Summer in Greece.

Here are the main reasons why I love summer in Greece so much combined with some photos i've taken during the summers.

1) the amazing coasts
2) the flowers near the sea.

3) the local cafe-restaurants by the beach

4) greek windmills
5) greek ports & boats. (p.s. the sign on the boat means ' oh love ' )

6) the clear blue waters.
7) small 'islands' you can easily swim to.
7) the unique sceneries in greek islands.
8) ducks at the ports.
9) the small island horses that take the children for a walk.

10) how cats seem to suddenly appear everywhere.

11) the sea through my sunglasses.

& many many other reasons but no time to write down all of them!
Greece is a small paradise in the summer..
which season suits
your country the most?


Mmm, smells like summer..

Not only swimming is fun during the summer..Don't you just love after swimming just laying on the hot sand with your sunglasses simply daydreaming? Or reading carelessly fashion magazines & eating fresh fruits, like peaches? Or just gossiping with your friends about the people walking by? Letting the sun burn you from head to toe? Tanning? Shoving your toes in the hot sand? Making sand castles , just like a flashback to childhood? Collecting shells? Laughing at children imitating some pirate attack? Thanking the smallest breeze for cooling you? Covering someone in sand? Brushing your feet against the water? Sunbathing with a hat on your face? Beach volley with friends? Or even admiring the boats passing by?

Well that's what i'm planning to do for the rest of the summer. Finally some relaxation. Photo taken at the place i'm going to spend most of my summer at.
What are your summer plans?


La tour Eiffel.

I've promised you since a long time that I was going to upload a few more photos from my trip to Paris & even though they're endless I'm trying to pick out the best for you. I don't have much time today (plus i'm so tired & with a sprained ankle , but that's another story.) so I decided I could at least show you some of the best photos I took of Eiffel tower. They're from different angles & taken with different camera filters (& a couple of them enhanced with a touch of ps) so I don't think they're just 4 boring photos of the same subject.
I hope you liked them!
P.s. this amazing piano song always remind me of Paris & France in general.
It's my favourite of all time & will always be.


J'adore ♥

One of the millions photos I took in Paris. I seriously need to upload some more on here , I mean I keep finding long lost ones in my computer alllll the time. I really do miss Paris & I just can't wait to go back there as soon as possible ! It's my favourite city in the whoole world & that's not going to change , not even in a million years. I adore everything about it & Paris fully expresses my needs & personality. Certainly going to live there at some point of my life or even study there.
Anyway , what's
your favourite city & why?


A poem.

She was just a little girl.

She had ribbons in her hair
her dress was filling with so much air
while spinning around like an airplane

& without the tiniest bit of pain.

Through her beautiful eyes

time never stops & always flies

Her cheeks were rosy,
oh she was too nosy !

She ran to a flowery field

Her mother told her to stop

But she was just a little kid

her soul full of so much hope.

She waved at her mummy
laughing so much it hurt her tummy
Little did she know
that this wasn't a show.

Someone grabbed her by the arm

& a hand covered her face

No it wasn't her mum

she was out of the race.

She was pulled into a van
hidden away from the sun
Her eyes were getting heavy

& she felt no longer as a fairy.

No one ever heard from her
& she didn't get any more care.
Was she gone , or simply lost?
Oh , what a painful cost.

Why little girl , why did you run?
Why abandoning the precious sun?
Why taking her away?
Wasn't she maybe okay?

She was innocent , she was pure.

- never going to find the cure.
You drained all of her light
You took her out of sight.
Her angel`s wings were burnt
her soul unbearably hurt.

^ This was a poem I wrote a few months ago about kidnapping.
It simply breaks my heart to see all these adorable little faces missing.
It's one of the most touching & horrible issues that needs to be taken care of in my opinion & it's just unbearable for me to listen to news like that.

What makes you sad & emotional?

do not copy/photo taken by me.



'Nothing in this world is ever entirely wrong.
Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.'
'Paulo Coelho.



I know that these days it seems like an unwritten rule that almost every single girly blog must include at least one post about cupcakes. Therefore , I hesitated before taking the decision to create one myself. I simply couldn't resist though , since I've loved , love & will always love cupcakes way too much.

Me and my friend went the other day to our favourite cupcake store in the world ; Hamptons.The thing I love the most about it , is that their baking room has glass walls so everyone that sits around can sit the delicious cupcakes being baked & removed from the oven & all the amazing & colorful toppings being prepared.

She got a peanut butter one & I got an oreo (typical). I just love how it has a whole oreo cookie in it & how the muffin contains little oreo crisps.
My precious cupcake!

Do you like cupcakes? If so , which type & store is your favourite?


Trip to Paris.

probably most enchanted place in the world. just by walking along the medieval roads , you can feel the mystery , the love & the magic floating in the air.
needless to say that i'm in love with Paris.

& how could someone visit Paris without doing a little bit of shopping? (;
i was stunned by the quality of the products & of course the wonderful colorful
crystal dome of Galerie Lafayette. totally worth visiting it.

& clearly Paris was just the right place to express my passion about photos of tall buildings from below. quite overwhelming don't you think?

probably my favourite part of our little trip - Notre Dame.
such a peaceful & magical experience , you could actually feel th
e presence of something greater in there. & no , not even the japanese tourists with their constant need of taking photos of everything & anything could ruin the peace of that place.

& finally with this beautiful sunset at the Seine , I shall end my entry about the city of love , Paris. more photos from this amazing trip will be on the way very soon.

Au revoir!