I know that these days it seems like an unwritten rule that almost every single girly blog must include at least one post about cupcakes. Therefore , I hesitated before taking the decision to create one myself. I simply couldn't resist though , since I've loved , love & will always love cupcakes way too much.

Me and my friend went the other day to our favourite cupcake store in the world ; Hamptons.The thing I love the most about it , is that their baking room has glass walls so everyone that sits around can sit the delicious cupcakes being baked & removed from the oven & all the amazing & colorful toppings being prepared.

She got a peanut butter one & I got an oreo (typical). I just love how it has a whole oreo cookie in it & how the muffin contains little oreo crisps.
My precious cupcake!

Do you like cupcakes? If so , which type & store is your favourite?

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  1. Hullo ♥
    I LOVE your blog! I really do!!
    And I love cupcakes too.. They're so cutee :D
    Lol! Anyway, would you like to follow each other? Obviously if you'll like my blog ;)