J'adore ♥

One of the millions photos I took in Paris. I seriously need to upload some more on here , I mean I keep finding long lost ones in my computer alllll the time. I really do miss Paris & I just can't wait to go back there as soon as possible ! It's my favourite city in the whoole world & that's not going to change , not even in a million years. I adore everything about it & Paris fully expresses my needs & personality. Certainly going to live there at some point of my life or even study there.
Anyway , what's
your favourite city & why?


  1. i want a diary with this picture on it ;3
    ooooh question of the day!
    well i haven't visited enough cities to judge, and i've only been in paris once which was like 6 years ago but i love love LOVE the atmosphere there and all the little terraces and of course the fact that everyone speaks french x3
    i also love vancouver, mainly because of its location, like you only have to walk for 5 minutes and you're on the beach with the most gorgeous views of the city, and from the skyscrapers you have a fantastic view over the bay, and you get the feeling you're really close to nature while you're in a busy city.
    and london because london has red buses and telephone cells and british people.

  2. Wow, you edited this so well it's gorgeous!

  3. Oh my goodness that is SO cool that you were able to visit Paris!!! I want to go soooo badly!! I'm currently studying French [I have to for my career choice] and am always asking the teacher about France. More photos of Paris on your blog is a must!!