A poem.

She was just a little girl.

She had ribbons in her hair
her dress was filling with so much air
while spinning around like an airplane

& without the tiniest bit of pain.

Through her beautiful eyes

time never stops & always flies

Her cheeks were rosy,
oh she was too nosy !

She ran to a flowery field

Her mother told her to stop

But she was just a little kid

her soul full of so much hope.

She waved at her mummy
laughing so much it hurt her tummy
Little did she know
that this wasn't a show.

Someone grabbed her by the arm

& a hand covered her face

No it wasn't her mum

she was out of the race.

She was pulled into a van
hidden away from the sun
Her eyes were getting heavy

& she felt no longer as a fairy.

No one ever heard from her
& she didn't get any more care.
Was she gone , or simply lost?
Oh , what a painful cost.

Why little girl , why did you run?
Why abandoning the precious sun?
Why taking her away?
Wasn't she maybe okay?

She was innocent , she was pure.

- never going to find the cure.
You drained all of her light
You took her out of sight.
Her angel`s wings were burnt
her soul unbearably hurt.

^ This was a poem I wrote a few months ago about kidnapping.
It simply breaks my heart to see all these adorable little faces missing.
It's one of the most touching & horrible issues that needs to be taken care of in my opinion & it's just unbearable for me to listen to news like that.

What makes you sad & emotional?

do not copy/photo taken by me.

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  1. Oh.. This poem is so beautiful. Really!
    Like you, these things make me very sad.. And I agree that they should be taken care of.