Be unique. Be yourself.

'To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else, is the greatest accomplishment.

[ this is me last summer. ]


Summer in Greece.

Here are the main reasons why I love summer in Greece so much combined with some photos i've taken during the summers.

1) the amazing coasts
2) the flowers near the sea.

3) the local cafe-restaurants by the beach

4) greek windmills
5) greek ports & boats. (p.s. the sign on the boat means ' oh love ' )

6) the clear blue waters.
7) small 'islands' you can easily swim to.
7) the unique sceneries in greek islands.
8) ducks at the ports.
9) the small island horses that take the children for a walk.

10) how cats seem to suddenly appear everywhere.

11) the sea through my sunglasses.

& many many other reasons but no time to write down all of them!
Greece is a small paradise in the summer..
which season suits
your country the most?


Mmm, smells like summer..

Not only swimming is fun during the summer..Don't you just love after swimming just laying on the hot sand with your sunglasses simply daydreaming? Or reading carelessly fashion magazines & eating fresh fruits, like peaches? Or just gossiping with your friends about the people walking by? Letting the sun burn you from head to toe? Tanning? Shoving your toes in the hot sand? Making sand castles , just like a flashback to childhood? Collecting shells? Laughing at children imitating some pirate attack? Thanking the smallest breeze for cooling you? Covering someone in sand? Brushing your feet against the water? Sunbathing with a hat on your face? Beach volley with friends? Or even admiring the boats passing by?

Well that's what i'm planning to do for the rest of the summer. Finally some relaxation. Photo taken at the place i'm going to spend most of my summer at.
What are your summer plans?


La tour Eiffel.

I've promised you since a long time that I was going to upload a few more photos from my trip to Paris & even though they're endless I'm trying to pick out the best for you. I don't have much time today (plus i'm so tired & with a sprained ankle , but that's another story.) so I decided I could at least show you some of the best photos I took of Eiffel tower. They're from different angles & taken with different camera filters (& a couple of them enhanced with a touch of ps) so I don't think they're just 4 boring photos of the same subject.
I hope you liked them!
P.s. this amazing piano song always remind me of Paris & France in general.
It's my favourite of all time & will always be.