Summer in Greece.

Here are the main reasons why I love summer in Greece so much combined with some photos i've taken during the summers.

1) the amazing coasts
2) the flowers near the sea.

3) the local cafe-restaurants by the beach

4) greek windmills
5) greek ports & boats. (p.s. the sign on the boat means ' oh love ' )

6) the clear blue waters.
7) small 'islands' you can easily swim to.
7) the unique sceneries in greek islands.
8) ducks at the ports.
9) the small island horses that take the children for a walk.

10) how cats seem to suddenly appear everywhere.

11) the sea through my sunglasses.

& many many other reasons but no time to write down all of them!
Greece is a small paradise in the summer..
which season suits
your country the most?


  1. I don't know why but Greece always inspired me. Now I know why :) And maybe also for its history? I would really really like to visit it!!!
    I think my country suits Summer most too :)
    These photos are lovely!
    You could be a photographer :D

  2. I had the best pizza of my life in Greece! Your photo with the sunglasses is seriously amazing :)


  3. Beautiful photos. I shall visit this country one day.
    Maybe we can follow each other? http://www.fashionmechic.com/

  4. I loooove Greece! I often visited Greece, but I haven't been there for ... um ... 7 years? *sigh
    These pictures make me want to go to Greece again.
    It's July and when I look out of my window, I see nothing but rain. :(